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Lily Hog A Delightful Children's Book about two unlikely friends animal book picture book kids book

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THE LILY HOG is a delightful children’s book set on Lily Hollow Farm, a beautiful country farm south of Hanover, PA. The author Kathi Laurence, her husband Fred and their three children lived on the 52 acre farm from 1992 - 2013. When purchased in 1990, the farm was badly in need of restoration so Fred began the process of bringing the farm back to life, and by August of 1992, the Laurence family called Lily Hollow Farm home for the next 21 years. Many memories were made on the farm, and many of those memories involved the family dogs which resided on the farm during that time with the Laurence Family. One early dog was a large yellow lab named Axel who encountered many groundhogs while living on the farm. This memory became the idea behind the storyline for THE LILY HOG, a story of an unlikely friendship built between a yellow lab named Larry and a groundhog who lived in a beautiful daylily garden on the farm. Bringing that memory to life in a published children’s book has been a dream for Kathi. With a newfound friendship with Adams County artist bobbi becker and the beautiful illustrations she painted to accompany the storyline, THE LILY HOG finally became that dream come true.

A soft cover book you & your child or grandchild will have lotsa fun reading together! Finding the Ladybugs thru out the book has been a delightful surprise favorite of the kids & families that have read this together!
Kathi & I would be happy to personalize this book for you ...let us know who the book is for...