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Christmas Design 2023 - Gettysburg Eternal Light Peace Memorial - Original Artwork - No Discounts may be applied

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**No Discounts may be applied to the purchase of original artwork.**

One of a kind ORIGINAL painting, 18" x 24"

I had the honor of creating a one-of-a-kind 18" by 24" original acrylic painting that was inspired by the heartfelt recommendation of one of my dear customers. This painting, which holds a special place in my heart, weaves the magic of the holiday season into the rich history of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

At the heart of this enchanting composition, you'll find the iconic Gettysburg Eternal Peace Light Memorial, a symbol of enduring unity and remembrance. Against its solemn backdrop, I've blended the festive spirit of the holidays, with a heartfelt emphasis on the importance of friends and family.

In the foreground, a merry scene unfolds, where carolers with flushed cheeks fill the air with harmonious melodies, creating a perfect symphony of unity. Children play in the snow while furry friends, and curious rabbits and deer watch the joyful commotion. I've aimed to capture the warmth of togetherness that make the holidays so special.

Above, in the tranquil winter sky, angels cast their loving gaze over the scene, serving as a reminder of the spirit of the season. Their presence radiates love and harmony, a testament to the timeless message of hope, goodwill and Peace on Earth.

The town of Gettysburg, with its historic charm and picturesque streets, forms the backdrop of this enchanting scene. Here, the past and present coexist in harmony and remind us of cherished memories.  I sought to capture the very essence of the holiday season, underlining the significance of unity and the joy of being with loved ones. This painting invites you to step into the scene, embrace the warmth and togetherness that the holidays bring, and find solace in the enduring message of peace, love, and community, much like the eternal flame of the Gettysburg Eternal Peace Light Memorial.


**No Discounts may be applied to the purchase of original artwork.**